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19 May 2008

a movie and a story.

(**this was originally written as a Facebook Note and has since then, through all the Facebook changes, been imported to Blogger--obviously**)
by Marlon D Deleon on Monday, May 19, 2008 at 9:39am

in the last couple of weeks i've seen more movies than i have in a while. as much as i've enjoyed all of them. my favorite has been one i bought on a whim at Best Buy.

Reign Over Me.

Don Cheadle + Adam Sandler = more amazing than yes.

I officially love this movie and everything it is about. it is touching, it's sad, it's funny. It lets you know how much you love someone and also helps you remember how much you miss someone. friends are important. communication is integral to life. not just existing, but real, interactive, compassionate life. if you haven't already. Watch it. really. if you don't wanna rent it, or buy it yourself, come over. we'll watch it. and just fall in love with the story.

a few of you have asked me about the last note i wrote. more specifically to whom the note was directed. 

here's the short story, some of you may already know it, but there's a bunch of y'all that don't.

when i was in the sixth grade, my class went to camp for a week and i didn't. i spent the week doing my work in a third grade class. that's where I met Angelina Rose Malfitano.

who knows when they're ten years old who they want to marry? (if you've seen Sweet Home Alabama you may have a better idea)

anyway, we become best friends. in every sense of the word. it was a perfect friendship. and she was The girl. however. because there was a slight age difference, she told me she felt just a step behind. example, when i was a senior in high school, she was a freshman. that just doesn't happen.

we never dated. ever. never kissed or even held hands. we were Best Friends. we told each other we loved each other and would walk each other to class. yeah.

in 2001 i drive home from south carolina, and in not being home in nearly a year and a half, i wanted to get home. but before i drove to my parents house i stopped at angelina's. her sister opened the door and she told me she'd get her. mind you, i'm sweaty and tired from driving all day (more so the last three). I walk inside and see her come down the stairs in a white t-shirt and black soccer shorts. not much to you, but you know that scene in Beauty and the Beast when Belle walks down the big staircase in that golden ball gown? that's what she looked like to me.

we talked in her room for a little bit, about the start of senior year, and how the Navy has been treating me. then bringing up the fact that we're in different chapters of our lives, and that she'd never catch up for our lives to meet, we would never be together. never.

a little later i left, but i never stopped loving her.

in the summer of '06 i went to NY with some folks from DVC. The Wednesday i was there my friend Katie D. called me and left me a message. later on that day i was sitting on the steps of a beautiful Catholic Church on 5th Ave. listened to the message and called Katie back.

Angelina's died in a car crash.

and right there on the sidewalk, i lost it.

Angelina now lives in Holy Cross Cemetary in Antioch. I used to go see her all the time. but without a car and getting home so late, i wasn't able to in the last couple months. last Tuesday I took the bus home early and made it out to see her. She's the one the note was to.

like i said earlier,

I still love you.