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21 August 2009

To the Deer Valley High School class of 1999

tonight is the ten year reunion for Deer Valley High School's inaugural graduating class of 1999. that would make this the first ten year reunion for DVHS. it's going to be in Walnut Creek, and ill be in Long Beach, well, ill be in Santa Monica for a little bit, but ill be going back home to Long Beach. I don’t feel bad for not going. I simply couldn’t afford it. the ticket. the travel. yep. that’s about it. even if I could afford it, I don’t think I would have gone. the past few months on facebook ive gotten back in touch with many people from high school that I havent heard from in ages. granted, we graduated ten years ago, and all of a sudden with this reunion, people have been coming out of nowhere and re-establishing connections on facebook. well, that kinda answers at least half if not all of a purpose of a reunion. see how everyone's doing, look at how people have changed, find out who: got married, had kids, got divorced, came out, made it big, bottomed out, turned themselves out, or any combination of the aforementioned results. let's pretend for a moment that facebook and myspace didn’t exist and that we didn’t get back in touch here. we havent seen each other, talked or anything. the following could be an actual conversation from the reunion. I will enter *** as a spacer for whomever I have run into. you can pretty much figure out what they're asking...

note: in no way is this posting a mockery of the reunion. if anything I would like to commend carlo, colette, nadia, and anyone else that helped in putting together this event. congratulations c/o '99. if you're reading this, you're still alive.

you: marlon? is that you?

me: oh, hey! (insert name here) {hug/manhug} whats going on? {cheers/toasts drinks}


me: yeah, im drinking. I actually grew up. how about that. ten years have gone by, and whaddya know? I actually changed. and I smoke cigarettes too. and ill tell you something else {leans in} im not a virgin anymore.

you: NO! {laughing}

me: yup. what have you been up to?

you: ***

me: awesome.

you: ***

me: um, no. navy, but close. yeah. I went in right after graduation, school for a couple years in south carolina, graduated from Nuc school sept 7, 2001 and drove home to california. got home the night of sept 10th.

you: ***

me: {continuing} yeah, no shit right? had leave for a month, flew out to meet my submarine in scotland. went to norway, back to scotland.

you: ***

me: I got out in sept of '04. medical discharge. {glances away} oh hey! what's up? we'll do shots later! alright…yeah!

you: ***

me: yeah, disclocated both of my shoulders multiple times over a couple years. still sucks. fighting to get surgery, but the GI Bill is helping me with college.

you: ***

me: yeah, im at CSU Long Beach now. got back into theatre when I moved back to california after my ex fiancee and i…

you: ***

me: yeah. second fiancee actually. yep. twice engaged, never married. no kids either. and no STIs {chuckles} can you believe it? me. single.

you: ***

me: yeah. AND straight. how bout that, right? {rolls eyes} cool, well alright, it was good catching up, im gonna go grab another drink and have that same conversation about 20 more times. cool! you too! yeah, ill hit you up on facebook or myspace whatever. fo sho! {hug/manhug} later!

{end of conversation}

granted, there will be differences here and there, but for the most part, there's the template for a reunion conversation. we're caught up on the major events, and we're onto the next person we havent talked to in years, and probably wont after this evening. for those that have kept in touch. yay! and for those that we will continue to keep in touch…double yay! everyone else. im not gonna lie to you and tell you that ill keep in touch, because we all know it isnt gonna happen and 98% of the times it's said at the reunion are just because we're supposed to say it, and not because we really mean it.

so yeah, for those of you that run into people at the reunion may possibly ask about me, tell them to hit me up here. give em my URL, email or whatevs, they're all similar: dailyownx4 (deleon, times 4: actor, director, singer and dancer) gmail. yahoo. myspace, facebook. drop a line! say hello, and if you're living in so cal, we should hang out sometime!

alright, well chat soon ok? keep in touch!