maybe "rants" isn't the right word. these are simple thoughts about my life. some may be more colorful than others. some language may be offensive, but it depends on your definition of offensive. consider this your warning ;)

17 May 2014

I Am Here and Now

As I have seen more years, I have seen more things.

As I have seen more things, I have seen more of the same things.

As I have seen more of the same things, I have begun to recognize them sooner.

As I have recognized them soon, I have still often ignored them.

As I have ignored them, I have been swallowed by them.

Here is where I learn.

As I now recognize that I ignore them, I can now more confidently take action to bob and weave instead of taking the punches blindly. I can keep my eyes clear instead of being blinded what I think is real.

Here is where I begin to trust myself.

Now is when I begin to trust myself more.

Now is when I take what I have learned and recognize that I am exactly who I should be.

For all the things that I have seen over the years, the things I have recognized and ignored, the things I have learned but have not yet put them into practice, this is where that ends.

This is where I begin.

Now is when I begin.

Here is where I am.

Exactly myself is who I am.