maybe "rants" isn't the right word. these are simple thoughts about my life. some may be more colorful than others. some language may be offensive, but it depends on your definition of offensive. consider this your warning ;)

22 September 2012

Stovetop Psychology

Just call me Jiffy Pop.

I am associated with movies, parties, fairs, happy hours and other events.

I can be salty, buttery, cheesy, or whatever you feel like having me be for the occasion.

But if you leave me alone for too long, or give me more heat that i really need to get going, I'm going to burn.

I won't be any fun, Ill probably make a mess in your house and throw stuff everywhere.

I'll leave stains on your hands, a terrible taste in your mouth, and in the end, I'll just have wasted your time when all you wanted was a little snack to accessorize your party.

Call it old school, call it stovetop psychology, but don't burn Jiffy Pop.