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10 August 2010

SF film seeks Asst Dir and Male Lead

Hey friends! Long Story, Short: Good looking caucasian male AND
Assistant Director needed for film in SF. Here are the five W's on the
audition. If you are interested/have more questions please contact
Mayene de Leon at asap.

My sister works with this company and she asked me to blast since I
know more theatre folk than she does. If appeals to you or anyone you
know in the SF area, please send this onto them. Direct any questions
to Mayene (email listed above) and I think that's about it!

WHO: A Zemrak/Pirkle Production, with the help of In The Bag, Inc.

WHAT: Rick Wilder (lead male role) in the film Santa's Dog; Male /
Caucasian / Late 20s to early 30s: Charming, winning, warm person.
Attractive. Leading man type. Large role in the film, so must be
charismatic. Range of acting goes from down-trodden and out of luck,
to happy and successful. Is a career man that makes a difference in a
young person's life and turns a company into a big success. Has a
romantic encounter with woman to add a love interest to the movie.
Must be a very strong lead.

WHEN: Friday, Aug 13th. (mwa ha ha! fri the thirteenth!) Note: Call
backs will take place all day on Monday, August 16th, so they should
keep that day open if they come in to audition.

WHERE: Auditions being held at In The Bag, Inc. (582 Market Street,
2nd floor, San Francisco, CA 94109)

WHY: Feature film to air on Animal Planet later this year (I think);
would be a great experience! Please also note that this movie deals
hugely with a dog (pit bull), so actor must love/be comfortable with

***Gig is paid (details to be worked out later)

***The tentative shooting schedule will begin roughly around September
6th and last through October 15th; the actor should be aware he may
need to be on call during and between those dates.

***since this is for the lead role, actor may be asked to be on set
for most of this time, and filming will take place in San Francisco.
Also get to meet Louise Fletcher, who is starring in the film as one
of the lead roles. ;)

***Those who'd like to audition should prepare a 1-minute monologue
and also bring their most recent resume and headshot.

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  1. Please note to contact me first; we are not taking walk-in auditions, but must schedule it first. :)