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11 April 2014

April 11: 3 of a Kind

I met Paula back on March 19th, but haven't spent as much time with her as I thought I would. After a trip to Guitar Center this morning, quality time with my new six-stringed friend should be picking up quickly.

As the saying goes, "like a kid in a candy store." That's how I walked around the store, admiring all the instruments and set ups while other customers were shredding in the other room. It's been so long since I've been in a music store, and as I flipped through music books and perused the shelves I struggled to find a definite reason of why I stopped.

But I'm picking up speed on the on ramp, not on a Highway to Hell, but in more of Life is a Highway manner. No time needs to be wasted on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams, this Low Rider is Cruisin into the Danger Zone.

If you don't get all the musical references, don't fret, I finger picked a few for this post. Eventually I'll have enough to be enjoyed by a Seven Nation Army. If you're still lost, maybe you should stick your neck out of whatever hole you're living in and push the pedal to the metal so those who aren't moving forward see nothing but tail lights and Dust in the Wind.

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