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19 December 2015

10 Lessons from a Navy Seal

This came up in my Facebook feed today, and I watched it twice. I've seen it before, but like many things, words, songs, movies, advice...everything can sound different at different points in your life.

Aside from the last three words in this video, I could watch this ad nauseam. It truly is worth watching in its entirety. At least to me, but then again, I clicked on the link because an admiral was pictured, not because it said UT Austin.

Here is a Table of Contents, if you will, of the lessons the admiral shares. Please note that the titles listed below are of my own creation/annotation (and are for my own future reference):
  • 1:24 Make decisions, or The Butterfly Effect
  • 4:40 Make your bed, or Tasks and Goals
  • 6:14 The boat crews, or Find Your Teammates
  • 7:20 It's about heart, or Size Doesn't Matter
  • 8:38 Uniform Inspections, or The Struggle of Perfectionists
  • 10:06 Learn from everything, or Own the Circus
  • 11:30 Dive head first, or Fly Outside the Box
  • 12:50 Don't back down, or Shark Punching
  • 14:00 Keep your cool, or Calmness in Calamity
  • 15:38 Don't lose hope, or Singing while Sinking
  • 17:50 Don't quit, or You Can't Un-Ring a Bell


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