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29 June 2011

Not a promise: a proclamation...of water.

I like reading blogs and articles. There's so much information out there (some more helpful than others), and I thoroughly enjoy spending (way too much time) reading people's opinions. Although reading can help me become a better writer, there is one other thing that carries a greater magnitude than reading other people's work--writing it myself.

As of July 1, 2011, I will blog everyday. Whether it's a quotation I overheard that day, a musing I had on my walk home from work, or a spark that ignited as I murder my lunch, I'll blog something. Obviously, some entries will be more in depth than others, but if I don't make myself write, I'll be one of "those people" that criticize other people's work without having any to show for it themselves. Boo "those people".

I watched a video, a buddy of mine shared with Stumble Upon today with a "lost interview" of the late Bruce Lee. Obviously, somebody found it. In it, he says, "now water can flow, or it can water, my friend." I had to go back and listen to it again, but that rocked me.

I just gradated from college, and in my head-down, bulldog-charging-forward motion to avoid dipping into a financial crisis, I've become rigid. As much as I enjoy the structure of professional worlds, my choice to enter a creative industry requires personal fluidity. I must find that balance of chaos and order, organic and calculated, Megadeth and Marvin Gaye.

Thank you, Mr. Lee. I will be water.

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