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01 January 2014

Countdown to Midnight

Fifteen minutes before midnight on January 1st and I’m clacking away at the keys on the laptop. What a difference a day makes, yes? New Year’s Eve is something celebrated around the world in many ways: fireworks, feasts, clubs, dancing, DJs, board games, house parties, a quiet night with a loved one, or even working through the night away from all the festivities. For others, they go to sleep at a traditional time and wake up the next day like every other.

Maybe we can take a hint from those folks some may label as “party poopers” or “old people” or “boring folks”.

Look at it this way: what if we treated every midnight as a new opportunity to start fresh? What if we partied every night like that? What if we lay ourselves down to sleep and woke up the next morning with an invigorated feeling that presented us with a clean canvas?

I’ll share a secret with you—you don’t have to wait for New Year’s Eve each year to start over.

Let go of the dumb shit whenever you want. Start fresh whenever the feeling welcomes you. Maybe even if it doesn’t.

Wake up each morning with a little bit more excitement than you did the night before, and go to bed each night a little more victorious than you were the night prior.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a party as much as the next person does, but don’t rely on the public to give you a moment to start fresh. Drop your own illuminated ball on the Times Square in your house. Shoot off fireworks every time you brush your teeth or play with your dog.

Resolve to live each day within the year. Don’t wait for the calendar to change so that you can. Change and let the calendar catch up with you.

Happy 2014 folks. Happy January. Happy Thursday. Happy day.

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