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17 January 2014

A Quick Rant from an Angry Asian

THIS was shared by ESPN on Facebook today. I was hoping it was an article about the Lakers taking a beating from the Celtics... #ClipperNation

The article states that he "was drafted directly out of high school in 1996, so he never had the opportunity to experience college life first-hand."

Never? “He never had the opportunity”?

Well, I don't know how his grades were, but to say he NEVER had the opportunity is extreme. He did. He just went for the opportunity that he felt better suited him, so don't make him look like some underprivileged kid who actually won't be able to go to college, because that's just garbage.

Oh, hi, I'm Kobe MFin Bryant—Mr. Black Mamba if you’re nasty—so I'll just casually stroll into a college course that all of these students had to work really hard for and hope there was room when they registered.

And this is news? This is worthy of sharing so kids that idolize one of the greatest NBA players of all time can go, “I can go to college later.”

Or even, maybe I’ll just crash a course and sit in to see if I like it because I don’t have to go work because I’m worth more than half the countries in eastern Europe.

Yeah, that’s it, go ahead and make news of this and exploit the privilege that this athlete gets to toss around and stroll into wherever he wants.

I hope you get a B on your final.


A mildly angry Filipino who maybe could have gone to college directly out of high school, but went in to the Navy first and used to GI Bill to go to a junior college first before transferring to CSULB. #GoBeach

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