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01 February 2014

Photo and Blog a Day Challenge: Day 1/28-Light

If you're an IG user, you've probably seen (or even participated) in a #photoaday challenge. I have yet to actually complete one, and in coming across a new one (in the shortest month of the year, no less) I've decided to up the ante.

With each picture I take each day I'm going to write a blog to go with it. Right here on this page.

I'll tweet these with the hashtag #PhotoBlogChallenge

Here's the photo challenge I'm using if you'd like to play along.

No special connection to this one, it's the first one I found when I searched #photoaday on IG and I liked it because it's a little different from the others I've seen.

And here's my picture for today

And the IG link is HERE

And without further ado...the accompanying blog.


Almost a year to the day I received this watch as a gift, the LEDs started to dim and the coolest watch I've ever had began to show weakness.

Last night I finally made my way to the mall to get it replaced and now it shines brighter that it did when I first received it.

Metaphor? Maybe.

The "Faceless Watch" from Hammacher Schlemmer was the wedding gift from my wife last year. Yes, I've heard so much that the first year is the hardest, and as the watch began to get beaten and bumped and scratched all year, eventually it faded away. Not to be lost in a pile of whatever is lying around the apartment, I kept it in plain view waiting for when I could make it to the mall (after a pay day) to get it replaced.

Simple task for many, but with the weather being as wintry as it has been this year, going out for non-essential errands was for crazy people. It did feel weird not wearing a watch at first, but my wife lent me a traditional watch she wore when she was working at the ON. Not as bold as the black metal, or as bright as the LEDs, but still functional, comfortable, and I must say, much lighter.

Now having my black BA watch on my wrist (which, I've also been convinced by said wife to switch wrists) a new month/year has begun. The guy at the jewelry kiosk said it should last for two years and they'll replace it (with receipt of course) if it doesn't make it, but I should remind myself he's talking about the battery and not my life/marriage (which is totally fine since I should be able to take care of that without the help of a jewelry salesman who has never seen a watch like this before.

So yes. Metaphor? Maybe, but probably not. I just like reading into things and finding connections between just about everything.

My first thought for today's photo prompt of "Light" was to take a picture of the snowy surroundings, but as I checked the time and was pleased at how bright the time and date shined from the black background, I knew that this was a better choice.

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  1. I love finding connections between just about everything. It can't be forced. Well, perhaps it can, but what good is that? The best are the connections that leap out at us and smack us in the face. I've noticed this especially happens when you're in love, which I am. So bring them on!