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10 February 2014

Photo and Blog a Day Challenge-Day 10/28: Shadows

I'm one of those people in the minority that don't use their phones while driving. I like to call it--safe driving. There were plenty of opportunities for shadows today while I was driving, and of course I could have pulled over at any time, but I opted to pass on the numerous shadowy subjects during "magic hour" this afternoon and took my chances heading into the evening. After dinner and a successful first shopping trip through Whole Foods, we returned to our toasty apartment. Turning on the lamp by the patio, revealed this:
If it weren't for the street lamp across the way, this picture of the blinds at our patio/balcony door could serve as one of those optical illusions where you try to count the number of slats and shadows without going cross-eyed.

Shadows are often given a bad rap: dark and shadowy alleys, shadow time, shadow clans, the list goes on. But are they really that bad?

When is the last time you saw shadows in the dark?

Why do cartoons get into battles with the evil, possessed shadow?

How is it that shadows even occur?


Shadows occur when there is light. Shadows are produced where a light source cannot reach.

So don't blame the darkness. If it was really that dark in the alley, there wouldn't be any shadows. That shadow that follows you wherever you go? It's because you're blocking the light from getting behind you.

You are the cause of your own shadow. You are the reason there is darkness in your midst. So what is there really to be afraid of? Something you created yourself? Good job, Dr. Frankenstein, you've created your own monster.

So stand up to it. Talk it down and tell it to get out of your face, or just shine more light on the situation until it has nowhere else to run. And then continue in any direction you want since you've illuminated numerous paths for you to take.

You're in control of much more than you think. Well, depending on how you define "control." I wrote a blog a couple years back about this very topic, so feel free to veer off HERE as long as you come back.

I don't mind shadows. Growing up in California, shadows were much needed oases of relief from the blazing sun. And in the last few years, I've managed my own mischief and outgrew the shadows that used to chase me up the stairs. Sometimes they try to resurface, but since I've learned to be my own light source, it's much easier to remedy.

I can thank Chuck Palahniuk and Tyler Durden for that. Because if the gun is Tyler's hand, the gun is in my hand. #spoiler

Shine your own light, friends. Shine. Your. Light.

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