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02 February 2014

Photo and Blog a Day Challenge-Day 2/28: Dark

Not as insightful, abstract, or thought-provoking as I'd like to have, but I haven't even left the house today, and with the big game on tonight I didn't want to miss the opportunity to post for today.

Yes, I love dark chocolate. This is some of the darkest I've had, and it's still pretty enjoyable. My wife wanted to try a piece and she said in response, "What's the point? Why even it it?"

I think I like dark chocolate for two main reasons:
1. I'm partially lactose intolerant so too much milk-chocolatey goodness isn't good later on
2. Less people like the dark variety so that's more for me.

I've had plenty of dark thoughts today, and a few instances where I've seen some cool shadows and ideas, but as I broke off a square for a little treat, it couldn't have been more obvious.

In the grand scheme of events today, this is about as tiny as tiny can get, with the Super Bowl kicking off in about three hours and also with the recent announcement of Philip Seymour Hoffman's death by apparent overdose.

As with any other celebrity, my Facebook News Feed has been flooded with RIP Phil and saddened statuses (stati?), but additionally, having a theatre background and having many actor friends, some of which have actually met and interacted with him, some posts are  more thoughtful than others.

What starts to make me sad is the fact that social media has given the media, and in turn, us as individuals, an opportunity to play "I'm first!" often to the neglect of personal space and humanity.

Say your relative just died, no matter how close or distant, and all of a sudden your social media feeds started flowing with RIP John/Jane Doe...

Before you tear into me, relax, I get that celebrities, by nature of their careers are thrust into the public eye and that their every move is scrutinized (#Bieber #Miley #Brangelina) but at what point do we as people recognize an innate emotional need for some leeway, privacy, or dare I say the "R" word...respect?

I'm sure somewhere there are publicists and family members hoping that the big game holds its ground as the biggest story of the day, and that millions of "adoring fans" who are "humbled, saddened, torn, decimated," or however they describe it in their respective posts take a few seconds to realize that there is somebody much closer to them who just wants their time to grieve with those they choose to be consoled by/with.

Yes, the passing of any individual is tragic, regardless of how their number came up, but don't pretend like Mr Hoffman was your Godfather, cousin, or neighbor. He probably wasn't.

So try respecting the world more and stop trying to be the first like/comment on a post, trolls.

Why don't you spend some more time enjoying the time you have with people you don't spend enough time with?

That's something I want to spend more time on. Hanging out with cool folks and positive energy.

I just wanted to get this all out first. Now I'm gonna go get ready for a Super Bowl party.

Go Broncos! #ImWithManning

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