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27 February 2014

Photo and Blog a Day Challenge-Day 26/28: Peaceful

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Three days left in February. Three blogs left to successfully conquer the challenge. Well, if you're reading this, two.

A couple of ball returns up from the bottom of the picture, lie the weapons of choice for the bowlers that had just left. At this point in the afternoon, the only other folks in the alley were a couple of employees. Here's a better look.
Peaceful indeed, especially when compared to what you would hear on any given league night.

Here's the view up Lane 12.
Ten pins, arranged in their triangular formation, standing at attention at the end of an oiled lane waiting to be thrown into chaos by the next person that steps up to the line.

It's an interesting feeling, being alone in a venue that is normally full of crashes, loud music, jeers, and cheers. It reminds me of the adage, "Be like a duck--calm above the water, furiously paddling underneath."

Most posts you get the Paddle-Cam (that sounds naughtier than intended) with DVD commentary, but today, it's just an aerial shot.

The duck looks fine today.

But bowling, man, that was something else. I can't even remember the last time I went bowling, but to put things in perspective, it's the first time my wife and I had gone bowling together. We hadn't even before we were married. So yeah, it's a been at least a few years.

In addition to being conservative with anything shoulder-related, it was just one of those things that would happen so rarely. But it did today. And for 99 cents a game we just had at it. Eight games each. And I'm kind of paying for it now. My thumb is mildly cramping as I'm typing this, and my right oblique makes me wish I wasn't laughing so much, but that's what I get for watching The Tonight Show. Tough night, huh? ;)

But all things considered, date day with a bowling adventure in the middle and The Lego Movie after dinner was pretty good. Speaking of, well done, Lego team. A very enjoyable ride through a great message and plenty of awesome childhood references. (Note: add "movie reviews" to Things To Blog About list."

Having days off in the middle of the week occasionally throws me off, but hey, I'll take days off in the middle of the week, because that means I still have a job. #ThankfulThought

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