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23 February 2014

Photo and Blog a Day Challenge-Day 23/28: Crisp

With six days left in the month, I almost tapped out. On the first of the month (cue: Bone Thugs) I challenged myself to take the Instagram-inspired Photo A Day challenge to the next level and write a corresponding blog for each photo. Today's prompt eluded for the majority of the day, and as I made myself breakfast for dinner, I desperately missed having bacon, which is always wonderful, but would have been perfect in its crispy glory. Bacon already received a solid shout out this month in the post from Day 18: Still. So I took a picture of my breakfast dinner.
I guess the outside of the turkey and cheese omelet is a little crisp, but I still missed my bacon.

Although the food was filling, this post won't be nearly as successful. But still, instead of tapping out on today's photo and blog, I wanted to keep with the photo/blog routine. 28 Days isn't just a Sandra Bullock movie, or the first two thirds of a horror movie (more on that...wait for it...Later). It's an attainable goal that I wanted to...scratch that...will achieve. Tonight's post will mean that I've taken photos and written blogs for each of the 23 days of the month so far. And that's not even my only current streak.

In my journey to learn Spanish (for the first time, mind you, I took French in high school), I just passed...well, I'll just show you.
I didn't even write every day during NaNoWriMo this past year. I still won, but because I had a couple of monster days (one >8K, another >11K). Doing this every day, with no days off is a different type of work out for me, but I'm really enjoying.

So there's my victory of the day. I did not tap out simply because I didn't have something crisp to shoot. Just like I didn't puff a cigarette at the bar last weekend when I was out drinking (I quit over fourteen months ago).

And tomorrow, I'll do it again.

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