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21 March 2014

PBDC 21/31: Full

I used to be mildly afraid of frying bacon because hot oil splatter freaks me out. But for the treat that you are rewarded with after the struggle, it's more worth it to leave with a couple of "bacon kisses" than to not have bacon.

With my bacon this particular morning I had some leftover rice and quinoa from the dinner feast the night before.

What started as a jar of apricot preserves, a packet of onion soup mix, and russian dressing...
 Got mixed together...
And was poured over these chicken breasts in the crock pot...
To give me this a few hours later.
(Right about now would be an awesome time for Smell-O-Vision).

Tossed in a bowl with rice and quinoa gave me this:
And between my wife and I, we may or may not have devoured all of the chicken because IT WAS AMAZING.

In recap:
1 1/2 cups of apricot preserves:
1 packet onion soup mix
1 1/2 cup of russian dressing
6 six chicken breasts

Mix the preserves, soup mix, and dressing all together. Pour over all the chicken you've set in the crock pot. 1 hour on High, 3-4 on Low. Devour in happiness. Share if you're feeling generous.

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