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05 March 2014

PBDC Day 5/31: Something Beginning With i

i went out for lunch today.

i have the day off from work, and this morning was not as relaxing or as quiet as i had hoped for it to be. Marlon from days past would have either bought a pack of cigarettes, or had it been later in the day, maybe gone to a bar to see some the regulars who are probably sitting in their regular seats, but today...

i got a three-cheese cheesesteak with bacon cheese fries and a lemonade.

i enjoyed every last bite. And as I sat in the food court at the mall and ate my Charley's treat, i noticed one of those cell-phone recycling/selling kiosks.

instant cash for your cell phones here!

instant. How very 21st century American of us.

it needs to happen now to have some worth.

if it's going to appeal to consumers, instant is the way to go.

i saw a sign for an iComfort bed on my way to the mall, but in my safe driving world where I don't touch my phone once the car is in motion, i passed on the opportunity for the highly riveting subject.

i don't have an iPhone anymore. i left my 3GS behind when i got my Samsung GS2 a while back.

i have an iPod that i rarely use, and i don't have an iPad.

i wrote a Facebook note in 2008, and i posted it on my blog in 2010. i titled it "a crash course in honesty"

i took myself to lunch today, because i need to get out of the apartment at least once a day, just to keep myself from going crazy.

i like being able to make choices for myself, even if they are simple ones like getting something for lunch.

i start every single day with the choice to get out of bed, and lucky for my co-workers and customers, i also choose to take a shower each morning.

i believe in making choices for myself.

i believe in God.

i believe in free will.

i like speaking my mind.

i love telling stories.

i love.

i try not to hate.

i do get angry, but that's because i care about many things, and am passionate about nearly as many.

"inspiration starts" with "i," as do "imagination," and "innovation," and "insemination".

i am writing my 100th blog on this page right now, but by the time you read it, i will have written my 100th blog for this page. so you're reading the 100th post on Ally of the Mind.

i named this page Ally of the Mind alluding to Sam Shepard's play, A Lie of the Mind. A wonderful play, if i do say so myself, and i came across it in preparation for a Christopher Durang piece i directed entitled A Stye of the Eye.

i know today is Ash Wednesday (for the Catholics out there) and i can safely say that Catholic guilt is at its lowest point in my life as it has ever been.

i learned a lot from my friends at church, and i learned a lot more about myself when i chose to stop going.

i think it's because i started asking more questions. Not just of Catholicism, but of the world, myself, the people around me, and those who i learned so much from whether they were teaching me or not.

i will continue to write.

i will keep taking pictures.

it prompted me to take a picture of something beginning with "i," and so i want to end with something complementary. The polar opposite of "i" as i have been using it today would be "you," so here i go.

i love you.

i don't hate you anymore.

i'm sorry you feel that way.

i miss you.

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