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13 March 2014

PBDC Day 13/31: Fresh

I love iced tea. I know, not your most riveting of admissions, but it's true. There truly isn't anything like good sweet tea, especially when you've had it in the South. Iced green tea is another favorite of mine. But today, the tea spotlight goes to traditional black tea.

There's a place I know...

Take two.

"Ah, Salaam and good evening worthy friends." -Yet another Robin Williams reference in my blog. If you don't get it, watch this clip. *Roll Clip*

But back to the tea. This place has the best iced tea of anywhere I've been to since I've moved to Indiana. It isn't a coffee shop, or a snack shack, or my apartment. It's just good. It's made well, it isn't over-brewed, it doesn't taste like an aluminum arm, like I said, it's just good. It tastes the way traditional black tea should taste (at least as far as my amateur taste buds know).

It doesn't stop there.

You get hot pita bread while you wait for your order.
Whenever I come here I think about trying something new, but I usually end up ordering the same base with a new protein each time. This time I ordered Jasmine's Favorite Rice with lamb.


Everything I've eaten here has freaking rocked. You ever eat something so good that whenever you take a bite you shake your head in disbelief? That's what this place is every time.

Aladdin's Eatery.

Shout out to the crew in Mishawaka where I get to partake of this culinary awesomeness.

Additional points go to their social media in they're on top of it.
I know it doesn't really speak to the quality of their food, but it does show their level of attention to what folks are saying.

(Sidenote: Shout out to @HannibalCafe!)

That's it for today. Aladdin's Eatery serves it up fresh. But in a different way, these guys are fresh too.
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