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20 July 2011

The Future of Writing, or: Writing for the Future

This past Sunday, I was fortunate enough to catch a performance of The Wedding Singer (the musical) at the Carpenter Center. It's the final production of Musical Theatre West's 58th Season, and it was quite the enjoyable afternoon at the theatre.

Here's a link to The Wedding Singer's review. Please read, share, and subscribe! It's free, and it's soooo exciting! (Totally unbiased, I know.)

Yeah, if you didn't know, I also write for as the Long Beach Acting Examiner--I write in support of theatre arts in the Long Beach area. I've been doing it for just over a year, and although theatre happens year round, the reviews don't happen as often as they used to last summer simply because I also do other things. Writing for the Examiner (hashtag #LBAX) isn't my full-time job, but it sure is a great start to a hopefully long and successful writing career.

Obviously, if you're reading this, you know to some extent that I write. If this isn't my first blog entry you've read, you may have noticed that I like to write about just about anything in general. That's because I'm just starting out (essentially), and I want to just get in the groove of writing on a more constant basis. At the end of June I challenged myself to write a blog everyday starting July 1st. So far I've only missed two days, both of these coincidentally linked to days I've reinjured my shoulders. Weird, huh?

Come the end of July I'll have close to 30 different blog entries with varying topics. Starting in August, I'll be focusing on one blog per week, spending more time on it, editing, and re-editing, to produce longer, more detailed work. Most of my posts now are a page to a page and a half (anywhere from 400-900 words), but I'll be stretching the chops in the near future.

Granted, there are still a good number of days left in July, and I won't cheat you out of them. Some may consider my linking today's post to my review as a cheat, but hey, my intent to write today was fulfilled, so I'm sharing that. :)


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