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15 July 2011

Hypey Potter and Me

When the HP6 came out in 2009, I made plans to accompany my friend Claire, so she didn't have to see it alone. I had to confess to her that I not seen any of the other movies, nor read any of the books, and she quickly let me borrow them the week before. I read the first three that weekend (which was apartment hunting weekend before I moved down to the LBC), but didn’t get fully caught up.

Even as a regular bystander (as opposed to many of the full blown dress up Potterheads that night...which were awesome) I did enjoy the movie, except for the couple minutes I had to turn away from the screen to not see the humongous arachnid that Hagrid was mourning.

I never really got into it. It’s that simple. I didn’t read the books when they came out, nor saw any of the movies as they were released. I’ve never seen any of the LOTR movies, Wicked, or Grease. I’ve never read any books by Stephanie Meyer, and I only went to New Moon as part of a birthday celebration.

So shoot me. (Or send a Dementor after me.)

Seeing all of the Facebook statuses (stati?), tweets, and check-ins for the “epic final battle where it all ends” I don’t feel like I’m missing out, because I hear about it enough from everyone else. I’m far from a Scrooge, and I’m not saying “Bah, Voldebug!” but sometimes I get turned off to things that are hyped beyond human comprehension.

Yes, I’ve listened to the soundtrack of Wicked, and yes, I did enjoy it. I’ve heard plenty of songs and seen many a clip from Travolta’s and Newton-John’s younger years, and it’s cute. Just don’t crucify me for not participating in something that so many people do. Call it juvenile, but the more you tell me I absolutely need to see something, the less I actually want to see it.

I’m not dogging anyone that joins the millions of peoples that swarm and stampede the bookstores and movie theatres, fans are fans; it’s the force-feeding, recruiting fanatics that drive me crazy.

To all of you seeing HP7 tonight, enjoy the show. I’m sorry your “childhood is ending,” but I’ll be tucking myself in early, because I’m tired, I don’t feel good, and I want to go to bed.

A few words of advice first:

Don’t trust anyone without a nose, I’m sorry his brother dies, and you know what? If I could turn into a werewolf by ripping my shirt off and running into a rainy forest, I’d charge the bed-breaking vampire and ruin his honeymoon too. Maybe we should head to the OzDust ballroom and start a dance off between the Sharks and the Jets. Hopefully Officer Krupke and Malfoy can get along long enough to let Rizzo get Hermione’s phone number. If not, that’s ok, we’ll just use the time turner and head Back to the Future.

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